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Building a Better Financial Future, Together.

Your trusted steward in navigating the financial landscape toward a prosperous tomorrow.

Financial Planning

Prioritizing asset allocation to the distribution event for each objective.

Tax Strategy

Leveraging expertise regarding tax deferral for near term tax savings & tax free investing to alleviate higher tax burdens down the road.

Estate Planning

In the theme of better planning, we need to understand that none of us get out of this journey alive with assets. We position and protect assets during a person’s life and beyond his lifetime to support a pre-established purpose for those assets.

Lifestyle PLanning

It’s about what motivates you. If you’re not working your own plan, you’re following someone else’s. We’d like to put together a plan that supports your highest priorities, your attitude towards money, and your own personal means to satisfaction and fulfillment.

Who we serve

Busy Professionals

Empowering Busy Professionals with Streamlined Financial Solutions. Let us manage the complexities of your financial planning, so you can focus on what you do best.

Small Businesses

Nurturing Small Business Growth with Tailored Financial Strategies. We’re dedicated to helping your business thrive through personalized financial planning and support.


Fueling Entrepreneurial Dreams with Strategic Financial Insights. Partner with us to turn your vision into a thriving financial reality.


Securing Your Family’s Financial Future with Compassionate, Expert Guidance. Together, we’ll build a financial plan that nurtures your family’s dreams and goals.

Financial House of Stewardship

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About Us

As a dedicated Financial Planner and Investment Advisor at A Better Financial House, my mission, led by Mark Koellner, is to guide and assist individuals in achieving their most significant goals. We believe in the power of continuous financial planning to elevate success across various aspects of life. Through our collaborative planning approach, we uncover essential needs, desires, fears, and dreams.

Our process involves a thorough examination of personal cash flow and net worth, ensuring they align with your long-term objectives. I invite you to connect with us today to develop a personalized financial plan, monitor your progress, and make necessary adjustments along the way. Our consistent support aims to reduce financial worries, enabling you to make decisions with confidence, in harmony with your aspirations. Reach out now to arrange a consultation and begin shaping your financial future with A Better Financial House under the guidance of Mark Koellner.

Constructing financial freedom since 2005

Since our inception in 2005, “A Better Financial House” has been dedicated to constructing a foundation for financial freedom for our clients. Our unwavering commitment to personalized financial stewardship has empowered countless individuals and families to navigate the complexities of personal finance with confidence and ease. By placing the financial well-being of our clients at the heart of every decision, we have built a legacy of trust and success that continues to grow with each passing year.


Personalized Financial Roadmaps


Education and Empowerment


Strategic Investment Guidance

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